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Cast a spell [Prototype] Cast a spell [Prototype]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really funny and original game. It's hard to understand at first but when you understand that you're supposed to write the spell it's really easy to understand the rest and control the game. However, you need to be a fast typer to survive, I had no problem with it myself. But when looking at people who aren't used to typing with computers it seems that they might not survive for long.

X-Tender responds:


I also had an Idea to add a Freeze (Like in FTL) or Extremely Slowdown mode. So you switch to the Freeze mode, cast alle your spells like: "Ok there are 5 Guy, two at the bottom and the rest spreaded around. So I Cast a area spell on the group and then two arcane shoots at two of the other and the third one, which is a ice monster, get a Mighty Fireball in his Face!"
After you have prepared a queue of spells you leave the Freeze mode and the magician release all the Spells in the Order you made it before".
So you can play with a little bit more "Tactic" and not just made rush spell casts and it would be playable with a big count of enemys.

This could also be extended to that you are walking around a world and then cast the spells on Enemys / objects.